Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dark Sun: Cast of Heroes, Part 2

Here follows more stories of our core cast of Dark Sun Campaign characters.

FILLIN DUSTEATER: Human Seeker, Wasteland Nomad (Jacob)

There are tribes that, if they are not truly peaceful, at least keep mostly to themselves. The wandering clan from which Fillin comes was such a tribe. Its camp was once attacked by a swarming pack of Nightmare Beast Spawn. The echoes of the shrieks and cries of Fillin's people still echo in his ears. He was one of the only survivors, somehow spared from the ferocity of the evil creatures. The attack upon and destruction of his people has left Fillin with a bitter hatred toward all that is foul and defiled in Athas. He has vowed to one day find the lair of the beasts that killed his family and tribe and his rage against all things vicious and evil seethes quietly under the surface of a man who has otherwise dedicated his life to preserving what is natural and good.

Alas, Fillin has not had time or opportunity to make his quest. Wandering bloody and near death from thirst and starvation, Fillin was brought in to Raam by a sweep of slave traders combing the nearby areas for fresh meat for the arena. Such bondage weighs heavily upon Fillin, expecially when confronted with his label of "Dusteater," a name given to him by the slavers who captured him and one which stuck with him. His hatred of all things evil has grown to include not just the mindless beasts of a defiled world but the intelligent creatures which seek to rule over others by bloodshed and oppression. Fillin knows that his opportunity will come to leave the arena. There are nightmare beasts to which he still owes a debt of blood.

DAR'AG TAN: Goliath Fighter, Arena Fighter (Jake)

Dar'Ag Tan never knew his parents. He was born and bred in the slave barracks of Raam's arena, his purpose in life to entertain the masses and probably die doing so. It is possible that one day he could win his freedom. But the odds are that he will perish violently in the spectacle of combat. Dar'Ag Tan early became a servant to weapons and slave masters of the Arena. He was trained by the gladiators that went before him until he could take his place in the arena on his own, to fight and entertain the crowds. He has known no other life but that of slavery and violence and yet a longing for something more--perhaps freedom--sometimes haunts his thoughts.

Dar'Ag Tan is not an evil individual. His natural-born Goliath traits of fierceness and competitiveness have merely been enhanced and sharpened by his life as an arena fighter. Fiercely competitive, he is a raging inferno of rage when provoked in battle. Even outside of the arena, in the dark world of the slave barracks, Dar'Ag Tan never turns down a challenge or lets an insult pass. The slaves who have grown along side him respect his fighting prowess and the slaves newly brought to the arena soon learn to do so. Dar'Ag Tan's olive skin and the whorls and lines of his flesh-markings identify him as a force to be reckoned with both on the battlefield and off.

ZYLYSS: Elven Rogue (Baxter)

Zylyss, like most elves on Athas, is sneaky. A liar and cheat, he looks out for just one person: himself. Zylyss was born into the filthy urban life of Raam and from his earliest days was a pickpocket and thief. One day, Zylyss set himself to slitting the purse strings of a prominent noble's son (who was in the Elven district for no good reason to begin with) and was seen by one of the Mansabdars in the pay of this noblemen's father. He was grabbed too quickly and fiercely to escape. He was sentenced swiftly to see how long his skills could keep him alive in the arena.

Zylyss keeps to himself. He is known for his deadly aim with a sling, able to land a killing shot from the shadows before he is even seen. The other slaves no not to provoke him lest they face their revenge when they least expect it. Otherwise, Zylyss keeps to himself and looks out for himself, not seeking trouble but not shrinking from it when it finds him. He has no particular desire to help others but he does so if it will help him. When he fights in the arena, his interest in the survival of those who fight with him is so that they will help him survive. Zylyss affects disinterest but he is actually quietly alert for he knows the chance will come when he can use his slippery and shady talents to extricate himself from his slavery under the bitter hand of his captors.

Next: Another Day in the Rat Race

Game Notes

These are the main players and their characters who will be our consistent core group on our Tuesday game day. It is likely that I will generate a few more characters, a selection of fighters and other arena types so that other kids can play as they are available and able. Again, by starting in the Arena of Raam, we're able to utilize the characters of players who are present, even if that is not exactly the same each week. We start in just a couple of days and the kids (and the DM!) are getting excited for the adventure to begin!

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