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Dark Sun: Cast of Heroes, Part 1

Here follows the stories of the heroes of our Dark Sun Campaign

SARUNIN TAY: Human Psion, Noble Adept (Josh)

Sarunin is the sterotypical proud, arrogant and selfish child of privilege. Born into the noble House Tay, a trading family of the (now) free city of Tyr, his psionic abilities were early identified. At an early age he was enrolled in one of Tyr's schools of the Way, to hone, shape and train his psionic abilities. While his petulant disdain of commoners and his spoiled attitude of privilege were never wholly subdued, his study of the Way gave Sarunin discipline and focus. He excelled in his studies of the Way and by the time he was a young man, was accompanying the caravans of his father's trading house on short journeys in the vicinity of Tyr. He was thrilled at first to be able to repel small threats to the trading caravans using his psionic abilities. This gave him a thirst for fighting with these abilities and he suitably altered his course of study of the Way in order to train for attack and defense.

While still acting the part of a child of privilege and lording it over the caravan masters and merchants, Sarunin was suddenly pulled from his world of class and comfort. On one of the longer caravan routes along the Great Road, the train was ambushed by fierce desert nomads. There were simply too many. Many of the merchants and guards were killed and the goods plundered. Sarunin fought hard but in the end the numbers overwhelmed him and he was taken. His psionic powers were clearly evident and so he was sold for a good price far away to the arena slavers of the city of Raam. Now, sullen and bitter, Sarunin nevertheless seeks a return to his life of privilege. He fights in the arena now, focusing his powers not simply on survival but on the hope of escape and return to his family and life of privilege and ease.

YVAAK: Half-elf Warden (Nick)

It is well-known on Athas that a half-elves are looked down upon as the half-breeds that they are. Yvaak was born to a human mother who quickly rid herself of him. Such a rejection both by the human and elven populations around him caused him to seek his solace in the natural world. As Yvaak grew and learned of the primal powers of Athas' harsh world, he became ever more hateful of those who would oppress others and anyone who would defile the natural world. Made gentle toward those who are oppressed, in part because of his own circumstances, Yvaak considers himself a defender of a simple and free life. He sought the disciplines of the Warden to enhance his knowledge and use of the primal forces of Athas for his own defense and the defense of others.

While in the city of Raam, trying desperately to find some gainful employment, Yvaak was arrested as part of a city watch assault on an Elven thievery ring. Although he played no part, Yvaak was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The result was his being quickly tried and condemned to whatever fate being a slave in the arena would bring him. Now, Yvaak, confined by the brutal slavemasters and forced to fight in the arena, longs to once again be free and roam the sands of Athas. He fights for survival but not with malice; he seeks to  preserve his own life while making some attempt to preserve the lives of his fellows slaves so that perhaps they too may one day be free.

KEERGNOK: Dwarf Sorcerer (Risdon) 

Dwarves are common on Athas. Dwarves born with the ability to draw on the defiling power of arcana are not. When his clan saw that Keergnok had arcane abilities, they wanted nothing to do with him. Cast out from his clan, Keergnok became withdrawn and gloomy. Nevertheless, he has learned from being ostracized not to do so to others, especially those weak and defenseless. While contemplating his arcane powers may bring moodiness to the dwarf, he has still sought mastery of these forces, wielding them carefully, both in preserving and not defiling as well as in ways that cannot be easily discerned by the magic-fearing masses.

Yet it was the combination of his empathy and magic that brought the attention of the Mansabdars (city watch) of Raam. One day, a gaggle of urchins was being assaulted by a bigger gang of thugs and miscreants. Keergnok saw it and lost his temper, loosing his chaotic power upon the bullies. While there was little love lost for such street punks getting their comeuppance, the episode was witnessed by cheering crowd turned suddenly angry and fearful at the magic use. The scene was also happened in front of some Mansabdars who figured they could profit by it. The magistrate, friendly with one of the arena secretaries, sold Keergnok for a good price (part of which was passed on to the Mansabdars) and he became one more of the slaves destined to fight in the arena. Keergnok walks with a feigned limp but in reality his staff is his sorcerer's staff. The crowds, at once thrilled and frightened of his magic, long to see his powers exhibited for their entertainment. Keergnok, on the other hand, simply uses them to survive and perhaps, when the time is right, to make his move to escape.

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